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Cork flooring and its surprising benefits

If you are unfamiliar with cork flooring, you are not alone. While these materials are not new, they aren't generally used in residential construction. However, we have some information that could show you more benefits and help you find the perfect materials for your home, so read along with us here.

The best cork flooring for you

You'll quickly find out how well cork floors match your specific requirements. With these floors in place, you can expect both performance and lifespan. Then, we'll show you how they can work for you with impressive results for every room.

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Durability gives you confidence

Cork kitchen flooring is a great choice that takes advantage of durability that includes extensive wear resistance. These products are impervious to liquids when properly seals and resist abrasions, cracks, stains, and dents. They perform so well you'll find 40 years of lifespan is an average figure.

To ensure the best cork flooring performance, ask about sealants underlayment, which creates an experience that works better when in-house traffic levels are high. And we are always available to discuss your customized requirements, no matter what size remodel you have in mind.

Visuals that cater to every décor style

The appearance of cork is often considered warm and neutral in most spaces. But it also offers an excellent result when used to contrast other existing options. This can be accomplished with lines, formats, and colors, as well as impressive accenting.

Cork flooring offers enough versatility to blend contemporary and classic styles. For example, a dark and rich color in kitchens could perfectly contrast stunning white appliances. Likewise, consider plank formats that pair well with mission-style furnishings and other minimalist or rustic components for a beautiful hardwood appeal.
Cork in Windsor, ON from SUMMIT FLOOR & WALL COV LTD

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